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P4 Products: Home of Plastic Storage

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P4 Products is the home of plastic storage in the UK.

We produce a range of storage baskets and utilise tailor-made tooling that allows us to manufacture new products for retail.

The tooling we manufacture is made on-site and can be specialised for Injection moulding P20 Mild Steel Tooling, which helps speed up product distribution within the UK.

Due to the unique and bespoke nature of plastic products, we make use of our own UK based plastic injection moulding and vacuum forming businesses.

As a result, we can deliver products of great quality directly to you!

We also support those looking to develop new ideas and form partnerships to help launch new plastic products to the market, or those in need of custom tooling.

Additionally, if you’re interested in any of the products available on our website, we offer exclusive wholesale pallet pricing for businesses.

This way you can stock and sell our products in-store, on e-commerce stores and even order them for dropshipping.

As we’re now able to process orders and ship them directly to your customers!

We’ll work with you and your process so we can find the slickest and most effective way to get out products to the end-user, all through a carefully planned D2C strategy.

Get in touch for information on plastic products for wholesale.

The Home of Plastic Storage

As you may already know, we produce a range of plastic products and distribute them across the UK for domestic and wholesale use.

Currently, the most popular product is our Plastic Storage Baskets!

Our plastic storage baskets are available in a brilliant white and dove grey, which perfectly compliments your kitchen and/or pantry.

Nowadays, we find that a lot of customers purchase our baskets in bulk, due to the latest Mrs Hinch-like crazes for compact and stylish storage units.

This is why we’re offering plastic storage baskets in bundles of sizes starting from small to large – plus, we also have a couple of exclusive discounts available right now!

For more information, call us on 01964 544 544 or email sales@p4products.co.uk

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