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Shelf Organisation — Home Storage Organisers UK

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Shelves are one of the areas in your home where you can truly maximise space. I don’t know about you, but shelves are also one of the places where things get lost, particularly when they’re being used to store lots of stuff! Here are some of the ways we organise our shelves with plastic storage baskets.

Wardrobe Shelves — Plastic Storage Baskets

Wardrobes are a well-known place to lose and find things you forgot you had! We have found that this is because in a wardrobe there are typically things of all different sizes — shoes, handbags, jumpers, sometimes even jewellery.

When we are organising the shelves in our wardrobes, we like to separate items by category and season. Using plastic storage baskets, we separate our PJs, handbags, shoes, tops etc. We then separate them again in plastic storage baskets by season. For example, we have a small plastic storage basket for our summer PJs and one for our winter PJs. 

By doing this, we can easily swap the plastic storage baskets around when we need to, without having to rearrange the whole wardrobe shelf! 

Wall Shelves — Plastic Storage Baskets

We don’t know about you but we seem to collect things on wall shelves… it can quite easily look messy. We keep adding just ‘one more photo’, ‘one more trinket’, ‘one more candle’ and it is difficult to keep clean.

What we have decided to do is use plastic storage baskets and put in excess shelf items. That way when we are bored with the current shelf arrangement, we can swap it for something else easily — it’s like having a backup shelf! 

Kitchen Shelves — Plastic Storage Baskets

Similar to our shelf display tactic, we like to do this in the kitchen with herbs and spices. Keeping herb plants in a small plastic storage basket on the shelf means that they are easier to reach and retrieve when cooking and you can move all of the herbs at once.


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